Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Friday, February 29, 2008

No mood

Staring at the screen, I just don’t have the mood to work. Works are pilling up yet I can’t get myself to do it. I want some rest… how I wish I can shut my mind for a while! Haha.. I was awake until 4am this morning.. Wow… just cant fall asleep though I was tired… some things are not settled. When? How? I waiting for Your answer!

Planned to meet a friend of mine last night… but she can’t make it in the end. It has been months since we last met!! She is someone I love & appreciate a lot. Though we don’t spend much time together in the past.. yet her presence made an impact in my life. She knows me. I always remember the words that you spoke to me and it encourages me. Something u might not know is God spoke to me thru you. Just have the urge to run to you and you a HUG! =D You are dear.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Leap Years

I went to watch The Leap Years with Pei Yi last night.

Though the plot was not really good… u knows what happen in next scene. Haha! But personally I quite like it, I’m just so attract by the actress! Look at her eyes… I was drawn into her character. She is brave. She was waiting all a long just to wait for that ‘guy’.

It seems like she is waiting for him… but I don’t think so, she is waiting for the right person.

Do you believe that u will meet the right person? I do and trust God will make it come to pass!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great Memories! New Year Countdown 08

Recently I’m quite free at work, maybe because I’m more effective now a day. Hah... all praise be unto the Lord. I have more time to think and He helps me to appreciate more on things that is happening. As I was browsing thru my some photos in my com, I realize that I took lots of photo in the past 2 months.

Thanks daddy and mummy for getting me a camera as my 21st birthday present. Cool!

Let me post some of the photos that I took during New Year Countdown!

My beloved unit~SP



Guess wat? this SP First Generation Mahjong Kaki! Wahaha

My shepherd! She is pretty right? Love her so much!

My lost sheeps! lol.. I love them too!

More to come!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You Stand Alone

I will lay me down
At Your feet in worship
And listen to the sweetest sound of all

Oh God, You are my God
How my heart it longs for You
I'm thirsty for your presence in my world

I cry out night and day for more
To hold the majesty of You

My God You stand alone
And I worship at Your throne
I will look to see your power and glory
Jesus, Lord of all
Jesus, Lord of all
You know my heart, my desire and my cry
You touched day by day

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Light vs Dark

I woke up very early this morning to go work…. Lots of paper work to be done by this Sat. I love morning! It is the start of the day. Felt so refreshed and strengthen by God each day. Indeed He is the vine, my provider!

As I was on my way to work, God spoke to me about lightness (heaven) and darkness (world). Man live in this world of darkness (sinful world). Everyone is so used to be in the dark, sin is so common to everyone. But this is not the initial plan that God intended for the world. Man has been separated with God by sin. By God’s grace He brought light into the world once again by sending Jesus to die on the cross for all sinners who come to him with a repentant heart. Yet man chooses to remain in the darkness because of fear. Man fear of changes. That’s why many people refuse to accept Jesus into their life is because man afraid of changes. I thank God for giving me the courage to accept Him and have a personal relationship with Him. It is not easy to enter into the lightness. But God gives us time to adapt to the light (heaven). Indeed, He is patience and will guide us thru. We are adapting day by day with the companion of His presence.

I pray that all the fellow brothers and sisters will live in faith and allow God to help us to adapt as He prepare us to the Kingdom of Light.

I also pray for all the people who yet to have a personal relationship with Jesus will have the step of faith to accept Jesus. Allow Him to love you. His ultimate purpose is to be with you in all your ups and downs. Amen!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Back Blogging

Finally, I'm back blogging!!! It has been about half a year since I last blog!? Haha... Barnabas keep nagging at me ask me to update... Here I come! Ok la.. I'll faithful to this blog! =)
Woah.. I got lots of thing to blog leh... many pictures was taken with my fellow brothers and sisters... Cool!
I'll post soon....