Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Limited Time

I wanted to blog 4 the past few days but I was too busy and the internet connection was like super slow. Haha.. Though today I'm very tired but I still wanna blog! Want to let u all know how's my days.. Indeed was really busy due to work and some meet up.

Last Sat morning I went to airport to send 1 of my sister. She went back to Nepal oledi! I'm gonna miss her very much!! Lalita, I'll keep u in my prayer=)

Then I went to Joanne's house with Cady, YuHan, and Joey. Once we reached her house, the 3 of them went to sleep left Joanne and me. In fact, we had a great talk that day. We shared our burdens and our vision in singing ministry! It is a blessing to have this sister in my life. She not only taught me a lot of things in the ministry but also encourage me in my pastoral ministry. Her passion towards the ministry touches my heart and boost my faith. Thank God 4 u, sis! As we continue to do our best and expect, God will bless the ministry abundantly!

Indeed, it is great to serve God! I'm getting busier now a days but it will not hinder me from meeting my people... spend time with them. Rather, I'll wanto do more.. go extra miles 4 them. I will plan well my time so that I'll be able to be more effective.

I met one of my sheep, Rachel on Mon! I had a fruitful time with her, sharing our lifes and tots. Thank God 4 blessing me this sheep, she is a very sincere person and she has a willing heart!! Wanna take this opportunity to encourage her! Dear sheep, I know u really grow and do more 4 God... though things that happen might stop or discourage u to do so but remember wat I told u, our God is a a great God that make things possible! He is bigger than all the circumstances!! Take ur time to slowly adapt and hav a positive attitude. Attitude is very important, it determines the result! Jia You, u will always hav my support and I'll be there 4 u! Love you=)

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