Thursday, May 17, 2007

Your Answer!

Yesterday was our combine CG! It has been a long time since our last combine CG... As usual we had CG in HQ!! I was quite tired during CG due to my work on Tuesday.. I worked from 8am to 2am!!!! total about 18hours non-stop! U must be wondering y I work so long hour... because I want to off on Wed! I want to hav more time to spent with my people. I really enjoy to be with my dear unit members=D

When I was worshiping the Lord during CG, He answer me. I saw myself in a room.. a room of darkness, I'm trying to get out from the room when I saw a door in front of me.. I tot God is gonna help me to leave the room.. leave all the burdens that distract me from God! At that moment God spoke to me.. He want me to open the door, the door of my heart... not to get out from the problems but to allow Him to come into my heart to help me solve the problems! Matthew 6:33a! But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness! Amen. seek Him! Open my heart to allow Him to intercede and guide me thru this period of time! Thank you, Daddy!

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